The service of a retail store,the prices of a wholesaler.

Why Choose Us

True Diamond Experts

In today’s world customers are faced with a tough dilemma – do I pay retail prices and go to a jewelry store? or do I gamble and purchase a diamond online?

OnDiamonds attempts to solve that dilemma by giving you the best of both worlds.

Meet with a personal jeweler in an NYC WeWork Office near you, and see the diamonds in person before you make a purchase.

Since we have no overhead, you pay wholesale prices. You also get repair services and lifetime warranty on your jewelry at no additional cost.

Engagement Proposal New York
Diamond Office New York

Who we are

New York Diamond Wholesalers

We are a group of third-generation diamond cutters and wholesalers, focused on engagement rings and fine jewelry. We have multiple locations in Tel Aviv, New York City and Houston.

We have a huge loose diamond inventory, and pride ourselves as selective buyers of superior cut diamonds. We also specialize in off-size diamonds, maximizing the value of the stones you purchase.

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